RPGA Planning District Information and Explanations

The RPGA Planning District is governed by a Board consisting of three representatives from each of the member municipalities’ councils. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We have the authority to issue building permits under Part 9 of the National Building Code for the planning district area. 
Relocation Process:
  1. Apply for Relocation/Moving permit
  2. Inspector will book inspection to inspect building
  3. A fee will be charged to applicant for mileage and time
  4. Fee is paid
  5. Inspector will draft letter advising if the building can be moved stating requirements
  6. Administration will approve or deny the request
  7. If approved, a building permit can be applied for
  8. Building Permit Process Starts
  9. A deposit will be required.
 Building and/or Plumbing Permit Process:
  1. Apply for permit at the RPGA Office, located at the Rhineland Municipal office.  
  2. Pay building/plumbing permit fee
  3. Permit approval process starts.
  4. Residential = approx. 2-7 Business Days
  5. Commercial = approx. 2-12 Business Days

  6. Refundable Deposits Explanation:
A refundable deposit is charged to ensure all work is completed to code and no inspections will be missed.  The Refundable Deposit will come back in full once occupancy/final inspection/lot grading has been completed, considering no inspections were missed or occupancy hasn't occurred before occupancy permit is issued.  A fine will be charged if occupancy has occurred before an occupancy permit is issued.
Permit Expiry Explanation:
Your permit will expiry 1 year after it was approved.
You may pay for a 1 year extension after the 1 year is up for a cost of $75.00 the second year.
In total you have 2 years to complete a project, if this timeline isn’t met a permit will need to be reapplied for.
Penalty/Double Fee Explanation:
If a person starts work prior to receiving their approved permit double the permit fee will be charged.
If the permit hasn’t been applied for double the permit fee will be charged.
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained within this website.
However, in the event of a discrepancy between this website and the governing municipal, building or zoning by-law, The Manitoba Building Code, The National Building Code, The National Plumbing Code, The Planning Act, RPGA by-laws and any other governing by-law, the governing by-law will take precedence.