Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Phone Number (911)                    

Altona Police - Non Emergency 24/7 (204) 324-5353, General Inquiries (204) 324-5373

Altona Hospital (204) 324-6411

Poison Control Center (877) 750-2233

Emergency Measures Officer: TBD
Surviving a Wildfire
Flash flood Safety and Damage Prevention
Ultimate Guide to Drought Safety
Tornado Safety guide
How to proactively prepare for a Blizzard
Hurricane Safety tips
What to put in a 72 HOUR PREPAREDNESS KIT (as per Red Cross)
Additional items to consider                                 

What to do during a tornado/Severe Thunderstorms:

Thunderstorms, lightning and hail
Thunderstorms are often accompanied by high winds, hail, lightning, heavy rain and in rare cases can produce tornadoes. Hail is formed when updrafts in thunderclouds carry raindrops upward into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere, where they freeze and merge into lumps of ice.
What to do if outside
What to do if inside
Warning signs of a potential tornado                 
What to do In all cases
In a house
On a farm
In a recreational vehicle or mobile home
In a high rise building
In a gymnasium, church or auditorium
In a vehicle
In a house
If you live on a farm
If you are in an office or apartment building
If you are in a gymnasium, church or auditorium
Avoid cars and mobile homes
If you are driving
In all cases
When a widespread disaster strikes and creates an unreasonable financial burden, disaster financial assistance (DFA) may be made available for eligible costs. DFA is intended to provide financial assistance to restore property to a habitable and functional state. Assistance is generally provided to help local governments, individuals, farm, businesses and non-profit organizations.                                                                              
For more information or to apply for Disaster Financial Assistance, please click here.