Heritage / History

It was primarily people of Dutch Mennonite origins from southern Russia who first settled in the Rhineland area. Many of these people arrived between 1874 and 1875 at the request and invitation of the Dominion Government, which was eager to bring agriculture to the Prairie Provinces.

In 1883, as the population of the area grew, preliminary steps began to form some type of local government. The municipality was incorporated under the name Douglas in 1884 and on January 8th of that year, the first council meeting was held. In early 1891, the name of the community was changed from Douglas to Rhineland, and the municipality's boundary was expanded westward.

In 1917, some of this land was transferred back to a neighbouring municipality and Rhineland took on its present configuration. From its beginnings, the community was built on courage and determination, and these same characteristics make Rhineland what it is today.
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